Radio fight against desertification and climate change (RLCD)

Radio fight against desertification and climate change (RLCD)

Overall objectives:

Put at the disposal of the population a modern communication tool close to their concerns and available for information and awareness for sustainable development in order to change the Sahelian mentality including early marriage, excision, and stray animals in the city ​​of Djibo.

 Specific objectives

Equip the area with an available community radio to act on a daily basis;

• Create a framework for exchanges, sensitization and information of the population on development issues related to the environment, health, education, culture ...;

• Ink local, national and international news into habits and participate in strengthening the ongoing decentralization process by informing people about their roles, responsibilities and duties, as well as the actions of municipal projects;

• Accompany the population in their socio-professional activities and promote citizenship;

• Contribute to behavioral changes and sharing of good practices.

• Conduct on our antennas programs of educational talks for the benefit of the population


The main areas of intervention of the radio are:

• information;

• Education;

• Awareness.


  • Radio's budget is essentially composed of the revenues it generates. In 2016, this receipts amounted to 21,762,075 F CFA broken down as follows:
  •       Radio Communiques: 15.57%
  •       Radio advertising spots: 2.17%
  •       Veterinarians Without Borders (VSF): 7.79%
  •       State subsidy: 22.88%
  •       International Media Development: 15.14%
  •       Issuance agreement: 22.95%
  •       Partner Radios Local Network (RAPS): 10.06%


The partners of the project consist of the State of Burkina Faso (through the grant), International Media Development (DMI), the telecommunication operator Airtel, the Sanitary District of Djibo and "Doctor of the World", the program Peace through the Development (PDEV II), NGO Tipaalga, Unalfa association, Network of local radio partners (RAPS), Veterinary Without Borders, the NGO Progettomonto, The local police, Azur Conseil, the religious mission, Canal plus



  •          The radio broadcasts in the region of SAHEL, Soum Province in the communes of Aribinda, Baraboule, Diguel, Djibo, Kelbo, Koutougou, Nassoumbou, Pobé Mengao and Tongomayel. The radio also covers part of the north-central and northern region as well as part of Mali.
  •         The headquarters of the radio is based in the city of Djibo.


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