13 November 2017

Intensification of family sanitation in 12 rural communes in the Hauts Bassins and Boucle du Mouhoun regions

Intensification of family sanitation in 12 rural communes in the Hauts Bassins and Boucle du Mouhoun regions

Overall objectives of the project

The overall objectives are to

• Contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for hygiene and family sanitation in rural areas;

• Contribute to improving the health and well-being of rural communities.

Specific objectives of the project

Sustainably and significantly improve the hygiene, sanitation and access to basic sanitation facilities of the populations of the rural target communes of the Hauts Bassins and Boucle du Mouhoun Regions


The main area of intervention is family sanitation in rural areas, which should lead to changes in practices and behaviors conducive to hygiene and allow better management of sanitation by local authorities in the region. framework of decentralization.


  •       Total budget: 3,333,333.34 euros
  •       Subsidy from the European Union: € 2,500,000.00
  •       Contribution of partners (WHH and SOSSIBF): 833,333, 34 Euros
  •       Budget for SOS SAHEL: 1,645,166.67 euros or 1 079 158 153 F CFA


Members of the project implementation consortium

  •        Welthungerhilfe acts as applicant (coordinator)
  •      Co-applicants for the Hauts Bassins Region: Organization for a Community Initiative (ORGANIC). Communes of Kourinion, Djigouera, KarangassoVigué, Koundougou, Fo and Faramana
  •     Co applicants for the Boucle du Mouhoun region: SOS SAHEL International France, SOS SAHEL International Burkina Faso, Communes of Balavé, Kouka, Sami, Bourasso Djibasso and Sono

Other actors in the implementation

  •    The governorates of the 2 regions: organizers of the consultation frameworks of the PN-AEPA at the regional level, they will accompany the applicants in the formalization of the support of the technical services
  •      Village Development Councils (VDCs): delegated project owners at the village level, will actively participate in the activities since the triggering stages of CLTS and the implementation of the action plans (including including monitoring)
  •     Deconcentrated technical services (DGEAUE, DREAHA, DRS, and their dismemberments) will participate in the planning for the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation and will thus ensure a harmony of the intervention with the national strategy

$1·         • Populations: will designate SANYA THON members and masons. They will commit to the end of open defecation, develop their action plans with the support of the facilitators and mobilize for the implementation.



  •       Regions: Hauts Bassins Region and Boucle du Mouhoun Region
  •       Provinces: Kénédougou, Houet, Banwa and Kossi;
  •        Communes:
  •         Hauts Bassins Region: Djigouera Communes, and Kourinion of Kénédougou and Faramana Provinces, Fo, Koundougou, Karangasso, Vigué, Houet Province
  •          Boucle du Mouhoun Region: Communes of Balavé, Kouka, Sami of the Province of Banwa and Bourasso, Djibasso and Sono of the Kossi Province


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