• SOS SAHEL INTERNATIONAL BURKINAWe dream of a Burkina Faso where all populations have a continuous and equitable access to the fruits of sustainable development.
  • OUR OBJECTIVEtackle grassroots development issues by building on people through community-based projects that impact the fight against desertification, food insecurity and poverty in general.

The statutes and rules of procedure of SOSSIBF codify all its institutional and administrative acts as well as its organization based on the bodies that are the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and the Executive Management (see organizational chart in appendix2) .

General Assembly 

It is the supreme authority of the association. It includes the founding members, the adherent members. Individual members are estimated at 46 and moral members at 50, making a total of 96 members. It meets once a year.

  Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors is vested with all the most extensive powers to act and authorize all acts that are not reserved to the general meeting and that are not contrary to the interests of the association. The Board of Directors has 17 members and meets once a quarter, 4 times a year.

  Executive Office 

The Executive Board implements the guidelines set by the Board of Directors. It is composed of seven members and meets once a month.

He recruits an Executive Director who implements his decisions. The Executive Board consists of seven (7) members namely:

         One (1) President;
         One (1) 1st Vice President;
         One (1) 2nd Vice President;
         One (1) Secretary General
         One (1) Deputy Secretary General;
         One (1) Treasurer General;
         One (1) Assistant Treasurer.

  Executive Direction

The Executive Board, in order to facilitate the search for funds and the implementation of projects and programs for the benefit of the populations of the SOS SAHEL INTERNATIONAL BURKINA FASO intervention zone, has an executive direction.

The role of this executive management is to coordinate, supervise and monitor the teams set up in the intervention regions to better implement projects and programs in the field. It is also responsible for reporting on the progress and results obtained from activities to the NGO's bodies and donors.


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