• SOS SAHEL INTERNATIONAL BURKINAWe dream of a Burkina Faso where all populations have a continuous and equitable access to the fruits of sustainable development.
  • OUR OBJECTIVEtackle grassroots development issues by building on people through community-based projects that impact the fight against desertification, food insecurity and poverty in general.
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SOS SAHEL International Burkina Faso is an NGO whose vision is: "we dream of a Burkina Faso where all populations have a continuous and equitable access to the fruits of sustainable development".

Its mission is "To cultivate the spirit of national and international solidarity for the benefit of disadvantaged populations in Burkina Faso".

To better align its interventions with its mission, the NGO has a five-year strategic plan for 2011 - 2015. This plan is the basic programmatic document since its adoption and SOSSIBF has set itself as strategic goals i) Promote basic social services; ii) Contribute to the development of development policies for the poor and iii) Support and promote local know-how. These orientations have been aligned with the main strategic axes enshrined in the following national and international political documents and plans:

  1.             the Accelerated Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy (SCADD) 2011-2015,
  2.       the National Rural Sector Development Policy (PNSR) 2011-2015;
  3.       the National Plan of Supply of Drinking Water and Sanitation (PN / AEPA) 2006-2015;
  4.       the National Health Development Plan (PNDS) 2011-2020,
  5.       the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 2010-2015;

The year 2016 was marked by the end of most of the old programs that came to an end and the start of the following new national and international plans / programs:

  •     The National Economic and Social Development Plan (PNDES) 2016-2020
  •     The National Rural Sector Development Program, phase 2 (PNSR2) 2016-2020;
  •     The National Program for Drinking Water Supply (PNEAP) 2016-2020
  •     The National Program for Sewage and Excreta Water Remediation (PN AEUE) 2016-2020;
  •     The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2016-2030

As a reminder, the highlight of the year 2016 at the national level is the holding of the municipal elections on May 22, 2016 which allowed the establishment of municipal councils thus devoting the normalization of the electoral process interrupted following the popular insurrection of 2014 and the failed coup d'etat of September 2015. Fortunately, these ups and downs did not have a major impact on SOSSIBF's activities.

At the internal level of SOS Sahel International Burkina Faso, there has been a renewal of the governing bodies including the Board of Directors (CA) and the Executive Board (BE). These changes have not spared the Executive Management.

In terms of projects:

- 11 projects ended during the year. (Shea, DEDO3, PSAN1, REGIS ER an1 PACT an2, PNGT2 an1, ECHO WELDING 2016, SAPA GK, Sayana Press UMAB3, IFSN3;)

- New projects were obtained during the year 2016 and the implementation started. There are seven (07) namely:

- Implementation of sustainable land and forest management activities (GDTF) with the support of the State through the National Program for Land Management, (PNGT2-3, an1);

  •     the project Resilience and Growth in the Sahel with USAID (REGIS ER an1)
  •     Program of Support to Territorial Communities (PACT Component 3.1 year 2)
  •    The project "Prevention of undernutrition through food and nutrition assistance of 20,280 very poor households with FEFA and children at risk of undernutrition in the Sahel, North Central and Disease Risk Reduction (RRM) regions" to 2,194 people in the Southwest region returned from Cote D'Ivoire to Burkina Faso (ECHO 2016)
  •     Integrated project to improve and diversify agro-silvo-pastoral productions in fifteen (15) villages of Kongoussi commune (PASP 2016)
  •    Local delivery activities of agricultural technical services in the implementation of the Financing Support Program adapted to family farming "AgriFinance-Burkina with the support of UNDP (Agrifnance Burkina)
  •     From the West African Dialogue on Private Climate Financing Project funded by the Danish Climate and Environment Fund through the Danish NGO IBIS (IBIS project)

   Four (4) other projects have been acquired but their implementation will start in the course of 2017. These are:

  •     Sustainable Land and Forests Management Project (GDTF) with the support of the State through the National Program for Terroir Management, year 2 (PNGT2-3 year 2);
  •      Resilience and Growth Project in the Sahel (REGIS ER an2)
  •     Support Program for Territorial Communities Component 3.1 extension of 6 months (PACT 3.1 six-month extension)
  •     Provision of monetary assistance for rural households in the North Center, East and Sahel; to Malian refugees from 2 camps with WFP (WFP2)

This balance sheet and programming document includes four (4) major parts.

  1.      A first part that makes an institutional presentation of SOSSIBF
  2.      A second part which presents a summary of the achievements of the year 2016 and an overview of the actions for 2017;
  3.      A third part which deals in a detailed way the actions carried out by the NGO during the year 2016 and structured around six points of which:
  •     Means of action of the NGO
  •     State of implementation of institutional activities
  •     State of execution of projects and programs
  •     Other activites
  •     Difficulties encountered by the NGO and recommendations.

     4. Part 4, which provides information on the 2017 work plan and annual budget, includes both institutional and project / program implementation activities

SOS SAHEL International Burkina Faso is a Burkina Faso-based NGO created in 1982 to support rural drought-stricken populations in the Sahel through sustainable development projects. It is part of the SOS SAHEL International Federation of Southern Associations, namely Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Ethiopia, Sudan and Chad, and Northern France, Luxembourg and Great Britain. SOS SAHEL International Burkina Faso is recognized under the receipt n ° 12 / IS / SG / DAP of August 02, 1988. Its last recognition bears the N ° 2004- 154 / MATD / SG / DGLPAP / DAOSOC of March 26, 2004. It is also registered at the Directorate for Promotion and Monitoring of Partnership with NGOs (DPSP NGO), former NGO Monitoring Directorate (DSONG) under the number 156.

The headquarters of SOS SAHEL INTERNATIONAL BURKINA FASO are located in Ouagadougou in sector 42 (according to the new division of the city), zone one, not far from the Charles De Gaulle pediatric hospital, and the market of the zone one, rue 42- 417, door 81. Annex 1 of this report locates the headquarters of SOSSIBF in the city of Ouagadougou.

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